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Eve's Big Bang

A collection of five erotic stories

Edited by Antonia Adams By Maggie Morton, Scarlett Blue, Devlin, Victoria Gressett and Elizabeth Cage

Eve's Big Bang
EPUB, 56 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908766656
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 1st March 2012

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Contemporary, Femdom, Menage and More

Rating: 5 / 5 stars - 1 vote(s).

A collection of five erotic short stories with mixed themes including contemporary, menage, fem dom, mild bdsm and burlesque from Xcite Books, winners of ETO's Best Erotic Book Brand 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Eve’s Big Bang by Maggie Morton

One night while they’re watching a porno, Eve thoroughly shocks her boyfriend by telling him she wants to be in a gangbang. But Derrick surprises them both by agreeing to it, so men are found and a date is set. Can Eve really handle more than one man at once, though? Moreover, can she handle eight? There’s only one way to find out ...

How We Burlesque by Scarlett Blue

She lives in a world of corsets and stockings, breathing fire and roller skating her way through the glittering world of burlesque. The performers love to be watched, and the audience love to watch. On the night our story takes place, an attractive stranger pushes the desire to be watched to its limit, and introduces her – and her burlesque contemporaries – to pleasures she never knew existed.

Birthday Girl by Devlin

It was her birthday.  The thirteen diamond necklace was great, but Francesca knew Robert had something more planned, and she wanted to know what ... and now!  Naked, tied to the old vine trellis, he remained resolutely silent, no matter what temptation or punishment she tried.  But when it came, the surprise was to prove most satisfying.

My First Voyeur by Victoria Gressett

A wrong phone number leads to a few weeks of very hot phone sex for Penny and Rick. But soon, just phone sex alone is no longer enough for Rick – he wants to meet Penny, and what’s more, he wants to bring a friend.

Nice Work by Elizabeth Cage

On a hot summer day, two strangers on a train share an unexpected brief horny encounter. The journey to the office will never be the same again. When Adrian walks away he can’t get the cool sexy redhead out of his mind but he’s already late for work and it’s the first day in his new job. He has to make a good impression. But fate has a wicked sense of humour and when Adrian meets Alice once more he soon discovers she has plans for him that far exceed his wildest fantasies.

Derrick chuckled. ‘Well, are we all ready? We’ve got all of Eve’s Dreamy Gang picked out?’

       ‘Yes, now we just have to choose a time and a place.’

       They settled on a suite at a big, mid-city hotel, and invitations were sent out and a time was set – that coming Sunday at 3 p.m. Sunday came far too slowly for Eve, but finally, it did, and then, at 2:30 in the afternoon, they left for their destination. Once they were in the suite, Eve stripped down to her panties and bra – a set made of black leather and red lace that she’d picked out specifically for this occasion. It wasn’t every day you got fucked by seven men (well, eight, since her boyfriend was certainly welcome to join in on the fun). And then the first knock on the door came. Eve felt her heart head for her throat, but as soon as the first man came in, and she saw how good looking he was, her nerves mellowed out a little. Dressed in a black T-shirt and black jeans, he had a curly mop of chocolate coloured hair, with strands of caramel woven through in. It looked good enough to eat, and so did he.

       They’d decided ahead of time that no names would be used, Eve’s or Derrick’s or theirs, and this man was Mr Five, even though he was the first to get there – they had set up numbers ahead of time.

       Next to arrive were Mr Six and Mr Four, both of them at the door at the same time. Mr Six had a sunset-orange buzz cut and a lovely lopsided smile, and Mr Four had huge, muscled arms and floppy brown hair that he kept having to push out of his pale blue eyes. Then Mr One and Mr Two came in, both of them quite similar in looks, with short blond hair and cleft chins, but Mr One was much taller and more delicately built. Finally, Seven and Three arrived, Three shortly after Seven, Three being quite a bit shorter, while also being a fair bit more handsome than Seven. And then it was time to start, with Eve barely having time to take the last of them in.

       ‘How do we begin?’ Mr Four asked, brushing his gorgeous hair out of his eyes once again.

       ‘I guess none of you have done this before?’ Eve asked the crowd.

       Seven raised his hand and winked at her. ‘I have. And we start by taking off our clothes, of course.’

       Most of the men laughed at that, Eve as well, and as the first of them began to shed their clothes, she glanced at Derrick. Is he still OK with this? Eve wondered. But a grin was spreading across his face as he joined the men in undressing, and yes, it seemed like he was more than OK with it, as he was sporting a huge hard-on as he watched Misters Two and Seven begin to touch Eve, one removing her panties and the other her bra. Eve found she was already quite wet, which was very fortunate, because Two and Seven were rolling condoms onto their dicks, and she found herself grinning as they tossed her onto the bed. Two spread her legs and slowly, and incredibly easily, slid inside her pussy, just as Seven placed his dick at her mouth. She opened her mouth wide, just as her cunt was being spread wide, and got to sucking Seven’s cock.

       Seven was very well-endowed, so it certainly gave her mouth a work-out, but he wasn’t much bigger than Derrick, so it wasn’t too much of a work-out. She did her best to bob up and down on Seven’s dick, but soon she found herself lost in the feeling of the dick that was fucking her cunt, and so Seven took over, holding her head in place by her hair and beginning to gently fuck her face. Then he became rougher, and then Eve felt a mouth on her left nipple – a pause in the blowjob she was giving and a glance to her left showed her that her honey had joined in on the fun. Derrick’s tongue flicked across her nipple as Seven and Two fucked her holes, and then Eve noticed some fingers on her clit – apparently Six had joined in. Eve found herself moaning around the dick in her mouth, found herself getting even more turned on, and soon enough she was coming, her whole body shuddering against the bodies of the four men that were going at her, the four men that were using her body however they pleased. That thought brought her close again, her contractions apparently bringing Two over the edge, as he bucked and grunted and slammed into her wet, excited pussy. 

Elizabeth Cage

A published writer since her early teens, Elizabeth Cage has been writing erotica since 1999. Her stories, poems and articles have appeared in many magazines including Scarlet, Desire, Forum, For Women, In the Buff, The Hotspot, and the International Journal of Erotica, as well as The Mammoth Book of Lesbian Erotica, Best Lesbian Erotica 2010 (Cleis) and her fiction regularly appears in the sizzling anthologies and e-books from Xcite.

She enjoys doing guest blogs, author talks, interviews, events and workshops and performs regularly in the fabulously successful show Wanton Words and Burlesque Bombshells reading her erotica and helping with the raffle!

Find Elizabeth at:

Her Blog:

Her Website:

Her Facebook:

Her Goodreads: 

Her Pinterest:


Devlin is the pen name of Laertes, which is itself the pen name of…  Shhh!  That’s a secret!

He has one short story published by Xcite under the pen name Devlin (`Birthday Girl’ within ‘Eve’s Big Bang’ anthology).  Writing under the name Laertes he has four stories (so far) published by Ether Books.  These stories between them were Ether’s top download every week for seven months last year and remain consistently within their top ten.  Laertes has now completed his first erotic novel, which has just been published by Pink Flamingo Publications (August 2013), and is currently working on a second.

Links to these other works, and Laertes’ blog, can be found at his website, – ‘Intelligent erotica for the discerning woman’.

In another life, Laertes is a playwright, and has had a number of scripts staged, including a professional production of his musical review, Running Back for More, in London.  He has also had a number of scripts professionally read over the past two years, and last year won the prestigious Big Idea Award at the 24:7 national new writers’ festival in Manchester.

Maggie Morton

Maggie Morton lives in Northern California with her partner. Her first novel, Dreaming of Her, is a lesbian, erotic romance, and is published by Bold Strokes Books. Her gay, erotic romance novella A Fairy's Embrace is published by Xcite Books. She also appears in multiple anthologies, including Dark Desires, Cheeky Spanking Stories, Pleasure Me, and Best Lesbian Erotica 2013.

Find her here:




Customer Reviews:

Reviewed by: Raunchy Reader on 10th April 2012 7:08PM

If you want to find out which profession make the best lovers, then read Birthday Girl by Devlin. Fascinating stuff and I had to agree with the theory too. I really enjoyed How We Burlesque too. It\'s one of the most surreal stories I\'ve read lately. I want to go to the club where the men will do anything you ask - yes Anything!

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