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Twelve Smarting Tails

By Penny Birch

Twelve Smarting Tails
Paperback, 250 pages paperback Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908766014
Format: 127mm x 203mm
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 3rd January 2013

EPUB, 254 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908766021
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 12th April 2012

Category: Anthology / Bundle, BDSM / Fetish, Menage and More

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Twelve Smarting Tails offers a dozen brand spanking new short stories. Each written from the viewpoints of Penny Birch’s best known characters and focused on a favourite fetish.

From spanking to pony-girl play, from plain old sex to some of the most bizarre scenarios ever created, Penny provides it all. And there’s one thing you can guarantee, the girls get spanked!


‘Always spank on the bare bottom,’ Dr Hochhauser remarked, addressing Morris and Melody. ‘Not to do so erodes your authority and reduces their respect for you as the disciplinarian. Never, ever listen to any excuses. Panties come down, but I think little Penny here knows that, don’t you, babe?’

‘Yes,’ I admitted, reflecting that Morris at least had been spanking girls long before she’d been born, while what Melody didn’t know about maintaining her authority could have been written on the back of a postage stamp.

I squeaked as a single, hard smack was applied to my bottom.

‘Yes, mistress,’ Dr Hochhauser corrected me. ‘You’re under my discipline now.’

‘Yes, mistress. I’m sorry, mistress,’ I replied, trying my best not to sound sarcastic.

‘That’s better,’ she said, and she began to spank me.

She was good, very firm and even, quickly bringing the heat to my bottom and to my sex, but she seemed utterly unaware of the irony of the situation, which was that most of my arousal came from the humiliating situation she’d put me in, spanked in place of Jemima by a woman of truly extraordinary conceit. Yet if she didn’t know what was going on in my head she clearly thought she did, in detail.

‘There, isn’t that what you need?’ she said as she continued to spank. ‘It is, isn’t it, Penny? You need proper, regular discipline, don’t you, from a truly dominant woman? I know, Penny, I understand. That’s right, push up your bottom, let your feelings show. I know, babe, I know. Let it all out. She is a natural, Morris, but she does need some proper training.’

‘I’m sure she’ll learn a great deal from you,’ Morris answered, his voice so unctuous that I found myself looking around in surprise despite the stinging slaps being applied to my bottom.

He looked calm, serene even, although the bulge in his trousers suggested he wasn’t entirely immune to the view of my bouncing bottom and wet cunt. I couldn’t help but wonder what he was up to, but held my peace as my spanking continued, still to the same firm, even rhythm. At last she stopped, leaving me hot and needy, if very far from the sort of helpless, dizzy ecstasy I’d so often reached across other people’s knees, let alone the deep, liberating satisfaction I knew I could achieve at times. It was nice, though, and I had been overdue a spanking, so I was left purring faintly with my bottom pushed well up, hoping she’d want to masturbate me, or maybe make me lick her.

‘And now, Penny,’ she said. ‘I’m going to teach you how to say thank you for your spanking.’

I knew how, exactly how, and responded with a sleepy smile as I climbed down from her lap to my knees. She was in a short, black dress, which she immediately tugged up, exposing the crotch of her lacy, black panties. I burrowed my face in, lapping at her neatly shaved pussy the moment she’d pulled her panties to the side. She didn’t comment, for once, allowing me to lick at my own pace with her eyes lightly closed and her face set in ecstasy.

Penny Birch has been doing her best to keep readers of erotica happy since the release of Penny in Harness back in 1998. Since then she has treated her readership to 33 novels and more than 50 short stories, each and every one packed with truly filthy behaviour from a cast of characters unequalled in the world of erotic fiction

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