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Hiding Out In His Sauna

Edited by Lucas Steele By Richard Hiscock, E.C. Cutler, G R Richards, Amber March and Jerry Wilson

Hiding Out In His Sauna
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EPUB, 58 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781908917935
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 1st November 2012

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Gay

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An Xcite Books collection of five gay erotic stories with mixed themes including contemporary, historical, m/m, spanking, exhibitionism and voyeurism.

Hiding Out in His Sauna by Richard Hiscock

He gets more than he bargained for when he decides to take some time out for himself by finishing off to relax in the sauna. With steam billowing around him the door opens allowing two men to enter. Neither of them knows he’s there – but they soon find out.

In The Dark by Jerry Wilson

Doctor Fox, he sucks cocks – and the Doctor is in. Where some people would describe themselves as fanatical chocoholics, Johnny Fox is a full time cock-o-holic. Different words, but the craving is still the same. Which is why he’s the resident oral sexpert, and his place of business just happens to be in the dark room at the back of a local gay pub. He’s there most nights, with Marcus Sugarcane, taking on all comers who fancy presenting their goods for an appraisal.

Short Orders by E.C. Cutler

Riley might be the best-looking bus boy Gray’s ever employed in his diner, but he’s also lazy and rude to customers. So when Gray catches him stealing from a co-worker’s purse, he knows there’s only one way to make sure Riley learns his lesson and becomes a model employee …

Lucky Buck by G.R. Richards

Buck can’t sleep. All night, his neighbours have been banging their headboard against the wall and shouting things like, “You want it, twink?” and “Give it to me, Rod!” Buck keeps thinking how inane and repetitive they sound, until he realises – they’re making a porno next door! Well, he stomps right over to the next apartment to give them a piece of his mind, but it turns out they want a piece of him. Their movie could use a third man, and Buck is in the right place at the right time.

Dreams Come True by Amber March

Quiet post-graduate student Oliver’s tongue tends to be loosened by drink. One night he makes the mistake of telling his friend Harry how he’d love to be dominated by a bigger man who wouldn’t take no for an answer. On his way out one night, Oliver finds himself pinned to the wall by a stranger who has come to fulfil all his dreams …

These stories also appear in Bad Boys published by Xcite Books.

At last the steam began to dissipate and I saw that they were in the 69 position, one on top with his bum wiggling back, his puckered hole beckoning me while his friend sucked and slurped away.

I slipped out of my bathers and sat naked on the bench, pulling at my cock, watching them and wondering if I should approach them or not. It had been quite a while for me too; I hadn’t been in a serious relationship for ages, and my encounter with that guest had barely taken the edge off. Before I had time to consider what I’d do, the one on top turned and laughed.

‘Hey Mark, he is in here,’ he said.

Mark peered up over his shoulder at me.

‘So there you are. Your brother said he thought we’d find you in the pool but when we saw you weren’t there we thought we’d sneak in here to be alone but … Well, what are you waiting for?’ he said to me.

I didn’t need to be asked twice, so I positioned myself behind the one on top, grabbed his hips, and pulled him up so I could manoeuvre my cock into his tight hole. Mark lunged for my balls and began to suck them into his mouth.

As much as I was enjoying it I didn’t want to waste time in case someone came looking for us because I was needed for some reason, so I disengaged myself from Mark – reluctantly, I might add. I pushed the other guy forward so Mark could continue paying attention to his friend’s cock and began to inch my cock in his hole.

‘Oh fuck, that’s awesome,’ he said.

‘I knew you’d love it,’ Mark muttered, his mouth full.

I couldn’t see Mark in this position but I felt his eyes on me, on the underside of my balls, and every now and again his tongue would lash out and lick at me. It was maddening. Part of me just wanted him to suck me off but the other part wanted to fuck his friend up the arse, and I guess his arse won because I was also hoping that later on that night we might be able to continue what we were starting here.

‘Oh yeah, that’s great,’ he said again.

I held on to his hips, planning to go slow so as not to hurt him.

‘Harder,’ he demanded. ‘We haven’t got all day.’

‘Fine by me,’ I said, slamming it into him, the thrill of this unexpected encounter leaving me almost breathless.

His body was slick with perspiration and his back toned, the muscles rippling. His excitement built up quickly and before I knew it he was exploding into Mark’s mouth. Mark licked and swallowed him down, enjoying the taste as it dribbled down his throat.

I slapped the guy on the arse, indicating I was finished with him, and as he moved Mark’s mouth managed to find its way onto my shaft so I leant forward to taste his cock, wet from the other’s mouth.

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