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Cougar and Kitten

By Landon Dixon, Elizabeth Coldwell, Bel Anderson, Michael Bracken and Paul Moon

Cougar and Kitten
EPUB, 55 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909335004
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 15th November 2012

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Contemporary, Cougars and Sugar Daddies

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An Xcite Books  collection of five erotic stories with mixed cougar and jackals themes.

Cougar and Kitten by Landon Dixon

In the midst of a scorching-hot summer, painting the fire escape on a dilapidated inner-city hotel was the job from hell. Even the view was lousy – no slumming babes sleeping or playing in the raw inside their sleazy hotel rooms. Until, on his second dazed day on the iron walkways, he spotted a cougar on the seventh floor, and then a kitten, and his stroke went from sun to cock, the benefits of the job laid out right there in front of him.

The Favour by Elizabeth Coldwell

When Gary agrees to be the waiter at his neighbour Deidre’s book club evening, he doesn’t know that she’ll place very special conditions on his working for her, or that before the evening ends, he’ll have found himself at the mercy of four very dominant cougars ...

Champagne Charlie by Bel Anderson

The seedy nightclub favoured by his brother isn’t Charles’s scene and trashy Emmy is not his type, but there’s something he likes about her and it isn’t just her long legs in stilettos. In his limo, she’s quick to let him know she isn’t wearing panties, and when she finds out he’s staying in the penthouse suite she’s like a child in a sweetshop. Touched by her sexed-up innocence, Charles wants to give her a night to remember – but as the session progresses, he finds she has a sexy trick or two of her own that he won’t forget in a hurry.

Picture Perfect by Michael Bracken

Calista, a widow in her early 50s, is still grieving the loss of her husband more than a year after his death when she meets Taylor, a young photographer. His talent behind the lens seduces her into posing for him but what it take for him to convince her that she has so much more living to do?

Jessica by Paul Moon

Apprenticed to a pair of distinctly unfunny practical jokers, a young man suspects he is being sent on yet another fool’s errand. But a long drive over the Yorkshire Dales rewards him a spectacular view – of a curvaceous widow with a penchant for sunbathing naked. He does more than look and discovers all kinds of new horizons in the process.

These stories also appear in Cougars and Jackals by Xcite Books

Deirdre Holloway was sunbathing in that minuscule bikini again. Gary could see her through the gaps in the fence as he pushed the mower slowly back and forth along the lawn. When he’d first gone through the tasks that needed doing in the overgrown garden, fixing the fence was high on the list – until he’d realised just how much time his fit, fortysomething neighbour spent working on her tan.

Still, that’s the luxury you have when your husband walks out on you for a younger model and you manage to sting him for a healthy divorce settlement, Gary thought enviously. Not like his own extra leisure hours, forced on him when the firm cut the days he worked to four a week to save money. Though on an afternoon as hot as this, who wanted to be cooped up in a stuffy, windowless cubicle when you could be out in the sun, admiring the smooth, glistening lines of Deidre’s oiled, honey-tanned back and the way the thong back of her bikini bottoms fitted so snugly into the crack of her –

‘Hello, Gary.’ Deidre’s voice cut into his reverie and he stumbled, stubbing his toe on the unforgiving metal of the lawnmower. He glanced up to see her peering over the fence at him. ‘Hot enough for you?’

‘Er, hi.’ He did his best to regain his composure, hoping she wouldn’t realise he’d been lusting over her.

She beckoned him close to the fence with a crooked finger. ‘I hoped I’d find you out here. I wanted to ask you a favour.’

‘Sure.’ Gary wiped his sweat-slick hands on his
T-shirt. Perhaps she’d noticed the improvements he’d made to his garden over the past few weeks and wanted him to do something similar for her. She didn’t strike him as the type of woman who cut her own grass, after all.

‘I’m having the girls over tonight. We’re in a little book club. I thought it would be a good idea if I read a bit more. Improved myself, you know …’

Gary was polite enough not to point out that Deirdre had improved herself quite a lot already. He supposed her dramatic weight loss could be put down to the stress of her divorce, but the caramel highlights in her blonde hair were a recent addition, and she’d definitely had a little discreet surgical work done, smoothing her skin and plumping her lips. Not that he was complaining about the effect.

Aware his mind was wandering again, he dragged his attention back to what Deirdre was saying.

‘Anyway, we started off just discussing the book in question over a couple of glasses of fizz and a few nibbles, but over the last few weeks, the girls have been providing rather more in the way of entertainment. Julia hired a harpist, to sit in the corner and play while we talked. Kay got in a mixologist, to make us all some fancy cocktails. And Pauline treated us to a fish pedicure.’

‘A what?’

‘You put your feet in a tank of little black fish, and they nibble all the dead skin off your toes. It’s surprisingly enjoyable. But I do feel there’s a little oneupmanship going on here. So I thought I’d have a waiter on hand for my evening.’

Gary wondered how a waiter could be classed as an improvement on what had gone before, but let Deirdre continue.

‘Unfortunately, I’ve just had a message to say the lad I’d hired is ill, and I know it’s really short notice but – would you be prepared to help me out? I’d only need you for a couple of hours, and I’d be able to pay you a hundred pounds.’

Even if he’d had plans for the evening, Gary would have cancelled them on hearing the fee. And if Deidre’s friends were even half as attractive as she was, this could be fun. He’d heard stories about cougars, women in their forties and beyond who were looking for sex with much younger men. Perhaps tonight it would be his turn to meet one. ‘OK, I’ll do it.’

‘Good, I’ll expect you at 7.30.’

With that, Deirdre went back to her sun lounger, leaving Gary to his half-mown lawn and his increasingly filthy thoughts of what might be to come.


Gary knocked confidently on Deidre’s door. She hadn’t told him what she expected him to wear, so he’d hunted through his wardrobe and found a white shirt, black trousers and a red waistcoat he’d worn as the best man at his friend Lee’s wedding. Smart but discreet. He’d shaved, moisturised and applied a splash of subtle, musky cologne. Hopefully, Deirdre and her guests would be pleased with the effect.

When Deirdre ushered him inside, he realised she was the most covered up he’d seen her in a long time. He’d grown used to her strolling around her garden in her skimpy swimwear, but tonight she was in an elegant black dress, sheer flesh-toned stockings and plain black leather pumps. From the flash of red sole as she led him through into the hall, the designer’s trademark, he knew those shoes had cost more than he earned in a week.

He noticed Deirdre looking at him quizzically and asked, ‘Do I look smart enough? I mean, I wasn’t sure what to wear, so I –’

A curious, almost predatory smile crossed her face. ‘Dear me, Gary, when we talked this afternoon I think I must have neglected to mention that I was hiring you to wait on us naked.’

He’d have laughed, if her expression hadn’t told him she was deadly serious. Still, it made sense. If she wanted to compete with all the fancy entertainment her friends had been providing at their book club evenings, what better than a waiter prancing round in nothing but bow tie and boxers? Though if he’d known Deirdre expected him to strip down to his underwear, he’d have chosen something a little less revealing than the tight white briefs he currently had on.

‘OK,’ he replied, determined not to be fazed by Deidre’s demands, ‘I’ll just go and undress. Is the bathroom upstairs?’

‘Oh, you won’t be using the bathroom. I want you to strip here, in the hall, and I want you to do it right this minute.’

Bel Anderson

Bel lives in the South East of England with her family. She works for a living by day and does what she loves best at night… writing! She finds writing erotica very liberating and likes to veer between erotica and her mainstream work to keep life interesting. She loves the thought of her words bringing pleasure to others.

Find Bel at her blog:

Elizabeth Coldwell

Elizabeth Coldwell joined Xcite Books in 2011. Formerly the editor of the UK edition of Forum magazine and co-founder of the Guild of Erotic Writers, she has been writing erotic fiction for over twenty years and her work has been widely published in the UK and US. She enjoys writing across the spectrum of erotica genres, from m/m space opera to girl/girl messy fun, vanilla to BDSM, paranormal to contemporary.

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