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How To Handle a Younger Man

By Annabeth Leong, Jean-Philippe Aubourg, Alex Severn, Leigh Turner and Bethany Goring

How To Handle a Younger Man
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EPUB, 57 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909335363
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 3rd January 2013

Category: Anthology / Bundle, BDSM / Fetish, Contemporary

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An Xcite Books collection of five erotic short stories with mixed themes including BDSM, CP, m/f, f/f, fem dom, fem sub and consensual cuckoldry.

How to Handle a Younger Man by Annabeth Leong

Freshly divorced Jeannie and her new, younger lover, Tobias, are heading off to the Caribbean — but only if she can find her passport. Tempers run high as they search her cramped, dusty storage unit, until Jeannie decides her younger man needs a little discipline. With boxes of kitchen tools stacked all around her, it turns out she has just the right implements on hand.

The Night Shift by Jean-Philippe Aubourg

Being the overnight concierge of a plush apartment block isn’t usually the most stimulating job in the world.  But, for Smith at least, it has one very big advantage. That’s because Smith performs a very special service indeed for the couple in Apartment 42.

T.E.N. by Alex Severn

Vanessa and Dawn were old friends and had shared so many confidences for so long – but when Vanessa poured out her deepest sexual fantasies to her confidante, admitting just how she needed to be treated by the right man, she couldn’t have known just how far it would go. And for her, the pleasure and the pain were to take her to a world of submission and domination that gave her the feelings she had only previously dreamed of …

The Arrangement by Leigh Turner

A marriage that might benefit from a bit of spice. That was the gist of their discussion originally. A long weekend in a luxurious hotel suite. A weekend where they would dip their toes into a rather frightening, yet enticing, sea of possibilities. They were supposed to open the door to new experience, to games that would titillate their jaded senses. Yet the Promethian fire behind that door would claim their future more thoroughly than either had foreseen, leaving them forever enveloped in a life of forbidden pleasure, chained by bonds of servitude and merciless dominion.

Fulfilling Her Needs Bethany Goring

She is not the easiest sub he has ever trained and worked with; in fact, she is downright difficult. But he is the best, and he understands why she acts the way she does. That doesn’t mean he’s going to let her away with it, and when she doesn’t turn up at the restaurant on time and he takes a taxi to find that she’s still in her house he’s not happy. He’s going to give her exactly what she’s crying out for; exactly what she needs.

These stories have also been published in Tops and Bottoms.


‘Why the hell?’ Jeannie growled. Her back screamed from the unnatural position she had to take to move around in her storage unit. Sweat dripped into her eyes, and her make-up was definitely shot to hell. She’d thought to wear pants to work today, not a skirt, since she’d known she’d be coming here after she got off. Still, she didn’t love kneeling on the dusty floor of the unit in anything she’d bought at Banana Republic, whether it had legs or not.

‘What?’ Tobias’s muffled voice came from the other side of the unit. He sounded just as miserable as she felt.

‘Why the hell did I decide to pack my file folders into my storage unit? Shouldn’t it have occurred to me that they might, you know, be important or something? And why did I rent this stupid second-floor unit? Jesus!’ She rolled back on her heels and tried to fling some of the sweat off her forehead. Her equally sweaty hand proved ineffective.

Jeannie wanted to stop now and come back another time, but they were leaving for the Caribbean next week, and she needed to find her passport. She’d torn their place apart hunting for it, until she remembered that she used to keep it in her old filing cabinet.

Tobias poked his head around a stack of boxes and watched her solemnly. ‘You were in pain,’ he said. ‘Getting divorced is hard. You weren’t thinking straight.’

‘Thanks.’ She made the effort to smile. At the very least, she could take a moment and appreciate his piercing blue eyes, classically strong jaw, dark hair, and light dusting of manly stubble.

‘Besides,’ he continued, his habitual expression of mischief creeping across his face. ‘Maybe you knew you would have a hot younger man available to help you move this stuff around.’

‘Mmm. Probably.’ She’d been embarrassed when she met Tobias, afraid that once he saw her without under-the-eye concealer, he’d run away in horror. A few runs around his bedroom had transformed the embarrassment to guilty satisfaction, even if her friends thought the whole thing was wild and irresponsible. Eight years wasn’t really so much of an age difference, she’d told herself over and over.

Her fling with Tobias wasn’t meant to go anywhere, but after nine months together she’d realised she had feelings for him, and now here he was as deep in her life as he could get, standing in the very storage unit where she’d tried to put away all of her anguish and sense of failure. Everything in here smelled old and abandoned – Jeannie didn’t really want to take any of it to their clean, new apartment. She scrubbed her palm over her face, fighting off either a sneeze or a sob.

‘Here,’ Tobias said. ‘Let me take over looking.’ He shoved past her to get to the deeper part of the tiny space. The five-foot ceiling of the unit forced him to hunch over even more than she did.

She knew he wanted to take charge and take care of her, but Jeannie resisted moving out of his way. ‘Wait, Tobias. I need you to stand behind me to help move things around. You don’t know what we’re looking for.’

‘You labelled stuff, right?’ He forced his way through. Seconds later, he was flinging boxes to one side or another like a machine. Jeannie cringed, wondering where she had put the glass figures her best friend Carla gave her when they graduated.

He was certainly being nicer about this than her ex would have been. Still, she barely held herself back from screaming at him to get out of here. She didn’t like him seeing these reminders of her old life any more than she would have liked him making a close inspection of her cellulite, and she really didn’t like his handling of her stuff at the moment.

She checked her watch, wishing there were time at least to step out for a coffee and calm down.

‘Christ,’ she said. ‘This place closes in half an hour.’

‘Relax, baby. I got this.’ His voice had an edge she wasn’t used to.

‘Tobias, I really think I need to be the one to –’

‘You said you knew right where it was, and you didn’t.’ He grabbed a box and ripped off the tape on top, even though she hadn’t given him permission to open anything. He ripped off one of the cardboard flaps too, and Jeannie wondered how she would close that up again. She touched his elbow and he shook her off, handing her the flap. ‘Just wait back there a second.’

He acted like she didn’t know how to deal with her own stuff. She slapped the piece of cardboard against the wall of the unit. What she really wanted was to slap his ass with it.

Before she met Tobias, Jeannie’s brain would have stopped at the image. The idea of actually spanking him would have seemed ludicrous. But he spanked her all the time. They had a variety of implements lined up in their bedroom closet – crops, floggers, belts, and paddles. He’d even given her a leather slapper for Valentine’s Day.

Bethany Goring

Bethany Goring is in her early 20's and currently lives in London, where she spends her time shopping for shoes and exploring cocktail bars to concentrate on the degree she's currently supposed to be studying for. When she's not skipping lectures and shopping she spends time at her family home in Scotland with her dogs, who just pip the shoes to the post for number one spot of her loves in life and trying to motivate herself to get her running shoes acquainted with the great outdoors - usually only achieved if there's the promise of a great dinner somewhere exciting as a reward for her efforts.

Leigh Turner

Leigh Turner is an author who only recently decided to turn her hand to the production of erotica.

Having the desire to become a writer early in life, she realised that it might be a good idea to accumulate some experience, in order to have something to write about.  Embarking on a rather debauched life during the eighties, this is what she did.  So absorbing and enjoyable was this experience, that it supplanted the urgent need to write about it, and now she finds, when asked to provide biographical details, that she must plead the fifth amendment, so to speak, in respect of the multifarious activities in which she indulged, or indeed even remembers, during those heady and racy days.

Since that dissolute period, she has achieved a measure of respectability, and now lives quietly in a suburban street with a suburban cat, and a caring suburban spouse.  And this, to her mind, idyllic setting, has provided the time in which to reflect, and to express herself at last…

She is currently putting the finishing touches to her second novel, along with some shorter pieces.  She finds that typing and editing is best done at home in the provinces, whilst the inspiration tends to come during her annual sojourns in France, lazing in the sun, most usually naked.

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