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Spanking the Stripper

By E.C. Cutler, Marcus Swannick, G R Richards, J Y and Andy McGreggor

Spanking the Stripper
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EPUB, 63 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909335691
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 7th February 2013

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Contemporary, Gay, Mixed Themes

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An Xcite Books collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including m/m, contemporary, spanking, menage, BDSM, cougars and jackals.

Spanking the Stripper by E.C. Cutler

It’s not usual for stripper Chase to booked by a bunch of guys, but he’s got no qualms about showing off everything he’s got at a 40th party for the very sexy Professor Morgan. However, when he finds himself in handcuffs and being asked to help act out the professor’s most cherished fantasy, and take a spanking on his bare behind, Chase realises this could be the most painful – and pleasurable – assignment he’s ever had.

A Bear in the Woods by Marcus Swannick

For Danny Wilder, a confident social queen, it’s just another slow and listless Saturday night at The Queen’s Vault, a members-only piano bar and club down a side alley off of Old Compton Street. However, a chance meeting with the sexually inexperienced stable owner, Michael Howlett, not only ends in a night of hotel sluttiness but also sees the start of a relationship which puts a shine back into Danny’s life, and turns the certified town mouse into more than just a country cousin. And it isn’t long before Danny gets to find out just what some bears get up to in the woods.

And the Crowd Goes Wild! by G.R. Richards

Desmond, Vijay, and Bob co-own an unsuccessful gym and they’ve tried every get-rich-quick scheme they can think of to keep their business afloat – every get-rich-quick scheme but one: gay sex wrestling. Bob got the idea from porn, but he thinks they’d make some serious cash selling tickets for local guys to watch live, and then broadcasting the video footage online. There’s only one question left: who wants to wrestle?

The Gamekeeper’s Lodge by JY

Adam, a powerful, normally straight young dominant stares into his own abyss, out of a consuming desire to destroy himself and relinquish his dominance behind the back of his submissive partner. But where does a top turn when he wants to be topped?

A Year of Waiting by Andy McGreggor

Dominique and Yanis are two lovers, Dominique older and Yanis younger. They have lived together in their lovely home on the shores of Lake Geneva for nearly a year, and whilst Dominique has satisfied his Greek lover’s desires amply, one act has he stubbornly refused to perform. Dominique made it quite clear to Yanis that he would need to wait a year before feeling the exquisite delights of anal sex. But tonight is the night and it promises to be quite a show.

These stories have also been published in Boy in Bed.

‘You – you hired me a stripper?’ I heard him ask over the music.

‘Well, you’re not 40 every year,’ Ray replied with a grin. ‘Happy birthday, Michael!’

Professor Morgan seemed to relax after that, as though he’d been given permission to enjoy my performance. Lost in the thrill of stripping for these four horny older guys, I slipped the suspenders off my shoulders, one strap at a time, teasing my audience with the promise of more to come. Their eyes seemed to burn into me as I undid my pants, which had been designed with Velcro fastenings at the sides, so I could rip them off while leaving my boots on. Call me picky, but the thought of dancing in bare feet on strange carpets has never appealed, not to mention that some people really get off on the sight of a guy in nothing but big, heavy boots.

Though I had a little way to go before I reached that point. The helmet went next; I tossed it to the blond, who gave me a saucy wink as he set it on his own head for a minute. These guys all seemed remarkably comfortable about the fact they had a man stripping himself bare in front of them, and for the first time I gave serious consideration to the thought they might all be gay. Of course they are, you dumbass, a small voice in the back of my head chirped, why else would they have asked for a guy to come here? They want to see you naked; they’ll all be getting hard-ons in their pants at the thought of seeing your big, fat cock …

Only my shorts remained now; turning my back so I faced away from them all, I eased the tight-fitting black garment down, gradually exposing my ass cheeks and showing them my all-over tan.

‘Oh yeah, let’s see those buns of steel,’ someone – it might have been Ray – called out.

With the back of the shorts resting just below the bottom curve of my ass, I danced suggestively, moving my rear in slow circles, flexing my cheeks as I did. This move always drove the girls wild, building up the tension before the moment where I showed them what they really wanted to see, and I hoped it was having the same effect on the professor and his buddies.

At last, I hitched the underwear back up, and did a cheeky pirouette. Though I hadn’t set out for it to happen, by this time, my cock had begun to rise, though in the tight confines of my jersey shorts it didn’t have much room for manoeuvre. Stripping for women didn’t usually get me hard, but as I have one of those cocks that looks big and meaty even when it’s limp that tended not to be an issue. They got a lingering look at the goods in the moments before I slipped on my clothes, switched off my music and left, and they were happy. But tonight was a different matter. I knew that as soon as this last item of clothing came off, I’d be exposed in all my glory, my tool surging up full and proud.

Aware that I was on the clock and they’d only paid for a half-hour show, I couldn’t delay proceedings any longer. Still keeping up the tease as long as I could, I hitched the shorts down, giving the guys first a glimpse of the pubic bush I keep trimmed real short to make my shaft look even longer, then going further, showing them what they’d been waiting so eagerly for.

When my dick bounced free, it was to a chorus of approving murmurs.

‘Holy cow!’ the dark-haired guy exclaimed. ‘When you said you were gonna book a guy who was hung, you weren’t joking, were you?’

Basking in their admiration and envy, I tossed my shorts to the floor and advanced on the professor with a gleam in my eye.

‘OK, Prof, it’s time for your birthday lap dance.’

His buddies guided him on to the love seat beneath the window. He didn’t protest as I approached, still moving to the beat, and straddled his thighs as he sat back. I ground myself against him, feeling the heat of his groin through his pants, and all too aware of the bulge straining against the material. I doubted anyone had ever done anything quite like this to him, but he was clearly loving the feel of my body. His hands came round to cup the bare cheeks of my ass, and I reached to move them away. The rule with any lap dance was “look but don’t touch”, no matter how cute the person you’re dancing for might be, and the longer I studied the professor at close quarters, I began to discover that, for a guy 20 years my senior, he was very cute indeed. Sure, he had crow’s feet, but those deeply etched lines only added to his allure, and his lower lip was so deliciously full it almost cried out to be nibbled on. Shame that in a few minutes our time together would be up and I’d have to leave.

My musings were interrupted as someone grabbed hold of my wrists. I registered the feel of metal against my skin, and almost before I knew what was happening, heard a loud snick. When I tried to move my hands I realised they’d been cuffed together behind my back.

‘Hey, what the hell –?’ I began. I’d been in a few crazy situations while I’d been stripping, and on more than one occasion the police had arrived at a party, responding to complaints of noise from the neighbours – which can be pretty awkward when you’re standing half-in and half-out of a cop’s uniform. But I’d never actually thought I might be placing myself in danger. Suddenly, it struck me just how isolated the house was, how unlikely anyone would hear me if I called for help.

‘It’s OK, Chase.’ Ray’s soothing voice in my ear stilled my fears. ‘Relax, we don’t mean you any harm. It’s just that Michael told me something a while ago; said he had two fantasies he’d love to fulfil. The first was to have a lap dance from a gorgeous, naked hunk, and, if Michael’s half as hard in his pants as I am right now then I guess you’ve more than brought that one to life. But the second fantasy was to spank the ass of a younger man. So I thought why not take the opportunity to combine the two?’

‘You mean, let the professor spank me?’ My voice came out as more of a squeak than I’d intended.

‘Indeed. If you don’t want to play, we’ll let you go now. But we’re willing to pay you an extra $100 on top of what you’re earning tonight for your time. How does that sound?’

I had to admit it sounded good. I hadn’t got another engagement booked tonight, and I could definitely use another hundred bucks. And all I had to do was take a couple of swats to my ass. How hard could it be?

‘Sure, you’re on.’ I thought that once I’d agreed, they’d release me from the cuffs, but instead they remained firmly in place. My cocky self-assurance began to fade, but for some reason my erection stayed harder than ever. My head might have been full of doubts at the thought of still being chained up, but clearly my dick didn’t feel the same way. Between them, the professor’s buddies helped me up from his lap, taking every opportunity as they manhandled me to “accidentally” brush a hand against my rigid shaft and heavy balls.

They took me over to the sturdy, ladder-backed wooden chair the blond guy – I thought I heard Ray call him Brian at one point – had been sitting on. Ray undid the cuffs, but my relief was only temporary, as my hands were guided to clutch the top of the chair back, then Ray refastened one cuff around my wrist and the other around the chair. I might not have been restrained too securely, but I didn’t need to be. I wasn’t going anywhere, not naked and lugging a heavy piece of Shaker furniture behind me, at any rate.

And anyway, this was more than likely all part of the professor’s fantasy. You could find any number of pornos where older, dominant men disciplined submissive young guys. Until now, such a scene hadn’t ranked too high on my own personal fantasy list, but standing here stark naked and helpless in front of four fully dressed men, waiting for whatever might be about to happen with a pounding heart and a cock that stubbornly refused to deflate, I was beginning to change my mind.

‘Such a gorgeous ass …’ It was the professor who spoke, running his hand over my butt cheeks as he did. His palm was smooth, the hand of a man who’d never done any manual work in his life, and his touch relaxed me. He brushed his finger down my crack, daring to linger on the tight, hidden pucker. I couldn’t stop a whimper slipping from my lips. The professor chuckled at this blatant expression of my need.

‘OK, so this is how we’re going to do this,’ he continued. ‘I thought that, seeing as I’m marking my 40th birthday, giving you 40 spanks would be appropriate.’

I swallowed, hard. This was way more than the light swatting I’d been counting on, but I didn’t want to back out now. A hundred bucks was at stake here, after all. ‘Of course,’ I said at length.

‘Of course what?’

It took me a while to realise what he was getting at. Dominant older man and all. ‘Yes, sir.’

‘Good boy.’ Again that finger, tickling my asshole, threatening to push inside just a little way. ‘So how we’re going to do this is that each of us is going to give you ten spanks each. First Ray, then Brian, then Woodrow, and finally yours truly. Are you ready?’

Even broken down like that, it still sounded like a pretty heavy-duty spanking, but I was determined to get through it. ‘Yes, sir.’

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