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Your Ultimate Fantasy

Edited by Gwennan Thomas By Elizabeth Coldwell, Roxy Martin, Catelyn Cash, Lynn Lake and Demelza Hart

Your Ultimate Fantasy
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EPUB, 64 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909520714
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 25th April 2013

Category: Anthology / Bundle, Contemporary, Mixed Themes

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Your Ultimate Fantasy by Elizabeth Coldwell

When Lisa is given a note that offers her the chance to have her ultimate fantasy fulfilled, she can’t think of anything she really wants. Then she realises it gives her the opportunity to watch and learn just what her boyfriend gets up to when he’s alone and horny ...

Between Friends by Roxy Martin

Sally feels lucky to have a friend like Jen – smart, clever, and the secret object of Sally’s obsession. Jen, meanwhile, is attracted to Sally’s husband Mike, and a plot is hatched and put into action. When Mike succumbs to Jen’s seduction, Sally watches – but once is not enough. How much pleasure can a woman get from watching her husband have sex with her best friend? Sally is about to find out …

The Watcher by Catelyn Cash

A Watcher is timeless. Ageless. But not sexless. No way. Have you ever felt your skin prickle with awareness when you’re alone with your vibrator? Maybe you’ve lain on your bed with your lover’s head between your legs and suddenly felt the two of you were not alone? When that happens, do you pull the covers over your nakedness? Or do you put on a star performance for your unseen audience? Do you come harder, faster and louder when you fantasise you are being watched? No more fantasy. I’m watching. Do it for me.

Cheating Made Easy by Lynn Lake

Sexy Czech couple Jiri and his wife Ivanka live a few streets over from Beatrice and Roger. Keen to get to know them and their culture better, Roger invites them to a backyard barbeque – where he and Beatrice get a more intimate insight into their neighbours’ private life than they bargained for. Then Jiri and Ivanka ask the other couple to their place, intending to play host – first in their own backyard, and then in their bedroom.

Come Underground by Demelza Hart

Meet a London girl who needs a little release from the stress of her life – and is about to find it on a late-night trip on the London Underground. This will be a tube journey like no other. When the doors lock for the duration of the trip and she sees the five gorgeous men in the carriage with her, she knows she’s in for the ride of her life. All aboard!

These stories also appear in Watching Me, Watching You which is also published by Xcite Books.

Grant came home the following evening with a box of handmade Belgian truffles and a bouquet of roses so large I had to split it between every vase in the house, making me feel guilty about my petulant response to his original present. I knew he cared about me; I just resented the fact that, increasingly, I seemed to come lower down his list of priorities than maintaining the hardware in the IT department he oversaw.

The more I thought about it, though, the more I discovered I liked the idea of being able to ask him to fulfil my ultimate fantasy. It gave me a delicious feeling of control, knowing that at some moment entirely of my choosing I would be able to order him to …

To what? It wasn’t as though my mind wasn’t packed with fantasies. Some Grant knew all about. We talked about them in bed sometimes, because he enjoyed how excited it made me. His hand would snake between my legs, feeling the wetness there, as I told him how I’d love him to rent a hotel room across town so I could travel to meet him there wearing nothing but high heels and a full-length faux mink coat. Or twist my hair in pigtails and put on knee socks, then drape myself over his knee for a bare-bottom spanking.

We both liked that one so much we’d actually tried it out. Grant relished the role of my stern guardian, forced to chastise me for disobeying him. I squirmed and yelled on his lap as he spanked my arse till it was red and sore, then sighed in bliss as he kissed the hurt away before working his way lower so he could tongue my pussy to a soft, melting orgasm.

Remembering that particular scene brought a glow to my cheeks all over again, but when it came to it, I intended to ask Grant for something a little less predictable. I thought of the fantasies I’d never shared with him. Now we were venturing into edgier territory, desires I wasn’t sure I’d be entirely comfortable confessing to him.

How would he react, I wondered, if I told him about those visions I had of him lying face down on the bed while I fastened a long, thick dildo into the harness around my waist? There would be a tense, excited silence in the room as I slicked lube along the length of the dildo, before dribbling a generous amount down the crack of Grant’s arse. The breath would catch in his throat as my fingers gently probed his tight rosebud, slowly opening him up in preparation for receiving my fake cock. I wanted to feel him writhing beneath me, moving to the rhythm I set, learning how wonderful it felt to be filled to the brim.

Even that was tame in comparison to the fantasies where I brought a lover home. In my mind, this was always some faceless hunk, never a specific person. In truth, I didn’t have any friends or work colleagues I found as attractive as Grant; with his intense blue eyes, dirty grin, and world-class arse he was everything I’d ever wanted. So the man who stalked these fantasies was a composite of every pouty underwear model with a sculpted six-pack and a suspiciously generous bulge in his tight white briefs, and he wanted nothing more than to make me his submissive plaything.

Sometimes, Grant would be reduced to a bit part in these fantasies, tied to a chair and unable to do a thing about it as my lover took me in every position I could think of. Grant’s cock would be almost impossibly hard, aching for the merest touch and continually frustrated. In other versions of the fantasy, he was given the privilege of licking me clean of my lover’s come after I’d been reduced to a sweaty, thoroughly satisfied mess.

The scenario I loved the most, however, the one that never failed to have me fingering myself to orgasm after orgasm as I pictured it, saw both Grant and me being required to suck my lover’s cock. He would have us down on our knees in front of him, wrists cuffed behind us so we could only use our lips and tongues to satisfy him, then he would move from mouth to mouth in turn. The kinkiest depths of my imagination pictured this as some kind of contest, each of us using all the tricks we knew to bring him off. Punishment lay in wait for the loser. I had no idea what it said about me that, almost every time, it was Grant’s mouth my lover filled with his seed.

Even without what I saw as the sheer impossibility of finding someone to be the third party in this delightfully depraved ménage, I knew this wasn’t what I would present to Grant as my ultimate fantasy. When I finally realised what I actually wanted from him, it was something much simpler and yet infinitely more complex.


Catelyn Cash

Visit Catelyn at:

Her website:

Elizabeth Coldwell

Elizabeth Coldwell joined Xcite Books in 2011. Formerly the editor of the UK edition of Forum magazine and co-founder of the Guild of Erotic Writers, she has been writing erotic fiction for over twenty years and her work has been widely published in the UK and US. She enjoys writing across the spectrum of erotica genres, from m/m space opera to girl/girl messy fun, vanilla to BDSM, paranormal to contemporary.

Lynn Lake

Lynn Lake’s fantasies could fill a book – and have (or, at least, parts of many, many books). Her imagination substitutes for a somewhat dreary existence in the middle of nowhere home to a particularly harsh climate. She’s a frustrated crime writer (few markets) and an unfulfilled SF author (no science background). Her erotic experiences, frankly, look better on paper, where she need not discriminate based on couplings, positionings, flogging devices, and/or binding materials. Rich, thick, wet ink spilling out of the golden nib of a finely-crafted fountain pen onto bright, white, textured paper is a form of ecstasy to her, free of STD’s.

She has a cat and an insatiable craving to express herself. 

Inspiration comes from everywhere, everything, and everybody she meets or sees or visualizes, but mostly from her mind (very often early in the morning when she first wakes up). She doesn’t wait for the wet muse to tingle her in the appropriate places, however; oftentimes she just sits and stares at a blank piece of paper (Hilroy, lined, in a wire-bound notebook) until an idea strikes her and she pen-strokes it, first into a brief outline, and then into a full story (which usually goes through a, minimum, three-draft process). She’s fairly well-read and quite good at mimicking other styles, which helps in the whole process, as does her natural shyness.

Gwennan Thomas

Gwennan Thomas has twenty years’ experience as a writer and editor in the book and magazine publishing business. Mentored by Xcite author and editor-in-chief Elizabeth Coldwell, she started out as a regular contributor to Erotic Stories magazine, and co-founded the Guild of Erotic Writers. She previously worked on the original Black Lace and Nexus imprints and joined Xcite as an editor in summer 2012.

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