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One Bad Apple

By P. M. Freeman

One Bad Apple
Paperback, 260 pages paperback Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909520851
Format: 203mm x 127mm
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 13th March 2014

EPUB, 233 pages ebook Online Price:
ISBN: 9781909520868
Imprint: Xcite Books
Published: 24th October 2013

Category: BDSM / Fetish, Contemporary, Erotic Novels

Rating: 0 vote(s).

Mark Dean: the consummate English gentleman; refined, restrained, a trifle aloof. His life is an open book, or so it seems, but still waters run deep and there’s something about tough, sassy literary agent Jo MacLean that threatens to bring out the worst in him, which is exactly what she wants, that a good, hard, bare bottom spanking. Then there’s Charlotte Montgomery, Mark’s sassy, imperious business colleague, and the idle but attractive Stephen Dean, who add to the mix of a plot that’s both sexy and funny. Definitely one to be read in bed, and not on the train, or you might end up in trouble too!


‘So yes, we’ll publish, but I can’t guarantee there’ll be much in the way of sales. Erotica is all very well, but woman want romance, the fantasy of the ideal man, and I hardly think Mr Emerson’s behaviour qualifies him for that role.’

‘What women want,’ Jo replied emphatically, ‘is the fantasy of being mastered. What’s that old saying? Men want a lady on their arm and a whore in the bedroom? Well, women want a gentleman on their arm and a master in the bedroom.’

‘I’m sure you’d know best,’ Mark responded, unable to resist the dig, ‘but are the majority of women ready to admit that to themselves, even if it’s true?’

‘In the privacy of their own heads, yes,’ she told him. ‘We can’t admit it openly, because men are too stupid to understand the difference between playing the master in the bedroom and treating women like servants.’

‘That’s rather harsh.’

‘No it isn’t. Believe me, any woman who gives in to her submissive feelings in bed is going to find herself sleeping in the wet patch. You see, you’re blushing. You know it’s true.’

‘I’m blushing because I was rather caught off guard by your forthright language,’ he replied, irritated with himself for the reaction and determined to get back at her, ‘but you sound as if you’re speaking from personal experience?’

‘Hardly,’ she answered, ‘but you know I’m right.’

‘Not at all,’ he insisted, ‘or at least, not in so far as I’m concerned. The more yielding, or submissive if you prefer the term, a woman is towards me in moments of intimacy the more courteous I will be. I know it’s an unfashionable attitude, but that sort of thing brings out the protective instinct in me.’

‘That’s what they all say, beforehand.’

Mark merely shrugged. He’d been sure she was flirting, but now she merely seemed determined to prove a point. No longer interested, he rose to his feet, intent on making his excuses and trying to get back to his flat before Stephen did anything too awful. Jo raised her eyebrows.

‘Giving in so easily?’

There was now open mockery in her tone, and Mark was forced to bite back an angry response. She had also risen, and walked quickly to the door, as if to hold it open for him, only to lean against it as she spoke again.


‘Let’s see,’ Mark answered in exasperation.

He lifted her, raising her body until they were eye to eye, then pressed his mouth to hers, expecting a sudden, angry rejection now that he had dared to push the game too far. To his astonishment her lips came wide, her tongue probed for his, and her arms went around his back, clinging to him with all the fervour of a drowning kitten. Mark responded by instinct, the feel of her body in his arms and the taste of her mouth immediately overcoming his irritation. His hand went under her bottom, to support her and to take a handful of soft, resilient flesh, at which she lifted herself onto his body, clinging tighter still.

Her skirt had pulled up as she climbed onto him, pressing the wet heat of her sex to his body and betraying how ready she was for him, as did her nipples, both so stiff that they had pushed up the material of both her bra and her blouse into little, urgent bumps. Mark needed no further encouragement, with his cock growing rapidly hard as he swung her around to sit her down on the desk. Her fingers scrabbled for his fly, drawing down the zip and quickly releasing his cock and balls into her hand.

They were still kissing as she began to stroke and tug with clumsy urgency, as if too desperate to get him inside her to worry about the subtleties of foreplay. Mark responded in kind, digging his fingers into the front of her blouse to rip it wide and jerking her bra up to spill out her breasts. Her mouth broke from his with a gasp that might have been remonstrance for her ruined blouse, but gave way to a low moan as her took one plump globe of soft, feminine flesh in each hand, rubbing his thumbs over her nipples.

Mark took a moment to appreciate her breasts, now thoroughly in control and enjoying her uninhibited, near helpless passion. He was rock hard in her hand and she was trying to rub him against the front of her knickers, until he caught hold, to pull the tiny scrap of silk and lace off over her bottom. Her thighs came up and open, stretching her panties taut between her knees as she continued to clutch at his now straining cock, guiding the head to the mouth of her sex and in.

Jo moaned as Mark pushed deep inside her, and with that she seemed to lose all thought for anything but her pleasure. Lying back onto the desk as best she could, she took one full breast in either hand and began to massage herself as she was fucked, with her mouth wide and eyes closed in bliss. Mark didn’t mind in the least, enjoying the view as he rode her to a slow, steady rhythm, determined to make the most of her unexpected surrender now he had the opportunity. His hand went to her belly, one thumb pressing to her clitoris, to rub as he continued to move inside her. She moaned and arched her back, pushing herself onto him and wriggling in encouragement. He rubbed harder, watching the strength of her reactions until he felt the muscles of her thighs and belly start to contract, only to stop. She moaned, begging him to keep going.

He laughed, delighted by her helpless need, and again as he put his hands to her hips to roll her over and she called him a dirty pig. She went with the pressure anyway, allowing him to turn her bottom up over the desk, with her cheeks spread wide and her thighs parted in the most vulnerable, revealing position a woman can adopt. Mark took full advantage, easing himself deep inside her once more and starting to row her back and forth on his cock as he admired the tapering beauty of her waist and the way it opened out to the perfect roundness of her bottom, a target just made for spanking,

She was moaning and clutching at the far side of the desk as he fucked her, surely too far gone to resist even if she wanted to. He tried a tentative smack, to make one full, girlish cheek bounce and quiver. She responded with a soft moan, almost a whimper. and he applied a second, harder smack to the other cheek, drawing a fresh moan and a second accusation of being a dirty pig, but she made no effort to stop him.

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