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Devlin is the pen name of Laertes, which is itself the pen name of…  Shhh!  That’s a secret!

He has one short story published by Xcite under the pen name Devlin (`Birthday Girl’ within ‘Eve’s Big Bang’ anthology).  Writing under the name Laertes he has four stories (so far) published by Ether Books.  These stories between them were Ether’s top download every week for seven months last year and remain consistently within their top ten.  Laertes has now completed his first erotic novel, which has just been published by Pink Flamingo Publications (August 2013), and is currently working on a second.

Links to these other works, and Laertes’ blog, can be found at his website, – ‘Intelligent erotica for the discerning woman’.

In another life, Laertes is a playwright, and has had a number of scripts staged, including a professional production of his musical review, Running Back for More, in London.  He has also had a number of scripts professionally read over the past two years, and last year won the prestigious Big Idea Award at the 24:7 national new writers’ festival in Manchester.

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