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Rachael McCoy Sex and Relationship Coach

Rachael is a sex and relationship coach who has been working in the sex education industry since 2007 seizing every opportunity to learn more about sex, relationships and all that comes with it.

Her drive and passion led her to working as a presenter for ‘The Vibe TV’ which was nominated for ‘Best Online Resource’ at the ETO awards 2011. Rachael also worked for one of the most successful UK sex toy retail chains where she was able to mingle with people from many walks of life talking about better sex and relationships.

In 2012 Rachael launched her new business - Inspiring Sexuality. Her philosophy is, anyone can become an incredible and confident lover with the relationship of their dreams. It just takes a little training and a lot of practice!

Rachael’s online workshops teaching better sex to men and women have been a huge success so far. Within two months of launching Rachael was nominated for a ’Best Sexpert’ award and is currently writing a guide to getting the passion back into a relationship. 

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